Michalis Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Mike B           

The Michalis Apartments proved to be a pleasant surprise since they had not been included in the Kosmar brochure. Compared with my idea of the standard Greek Island Studio they were larger than average and well finished and furnished. Appararently they had been recently refurbished before Kosmar would take them on. I particularly appreciated the new, near silent fridge,tables and chairs both inside and outside, drying up cloths! and even a shower curtain of sorts. There were quite a few extra shelves for storage but hanging and drawer space were limited. The upper studios (5 up, 5 down) and preferable due to the ease of airing them and the stunning views across the sound to Lixouri. The apartments are situated just below the Fanari road at the Argostoli end of Lassi, 200m above the Lassi Hotel. You might hear a little distant traffic noise. You will certainly be awoken by the cockerel in the olive grove out front or the bells clanking when the sheep are let out from the barn next door and start eating the garden. The approach track is 20 yards of very steep rough concrete - no stilettos and easy on the rocket fuel. There are nearby small beaches, but we we wary of the whiff of sewage when the wind blew onshore. Sadly, the great beach (Makris Yialos) is a 25 minute (fairly flat) walk away but faces open, whiff-free sea.