Libra - (Tour Operators on Kefalonia)

Melanie K           

We travelled to Kefalonia with Libra. I shall never travel with them again especially when they insist that a one-windowed apartment (in the bedroom only) for two adults and two children (no window or ventilation in the toilet, nor any ventilation or window in the kitchen/living area and the stench that comes from it is like living in a toilet for a full week)is within their contract of "All our accommodation is selected with care and consideration for cleanliness, comfort and convenience". We had to leave the door open on our first night so neither my husband nor I had any sleep. We could not even get in touch with the Rep nor the owners of the accommodation to get the apartment sorted out. The Libra reps were totally useless and think that they know everything. We had to book into a hotel the next night as Libra refused to do anything for 48 hours after our arrival and expected us to stay awake another night with the door open to let fresh air in.