Irinna Hotel - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Karen W           

I booked this hotel via for 84 each for 1 week B&B and after doing some serious homework on apartments/hotels etc. in Kefalonia thought we'd deffo picked the right place.

The standard of accommodation in Greece as we all know is lower than the UK and lower than Spain, but this place was great value for money with it's 2 pools (1 kiddie), pool bar (9:30-17:30), taverna (9:30-17:30), breakfast room (7:30-9:30) and if you don't like the buffet selection (minimal to be fare) then you can ask for bacon & eggs and it will cost 6 euros for 2 people. The main bar opens 17:30-01:30 and the barman is a very cheeky chappie - watch yourself girls, he's a bit of a looker but not exactly smooth tongued!

The head honcho on reception is good for a giggle, knows his stuff and nothing is too much trouble, in fact all of the staff are great and very very friendly, even the cleaners give you a wave and say hello each day and arrange yer pyjams (if ya were them on jols) in pretty patterns!!!!!!

All rooms have a great view, but like everywhere abroad due to tiled floors, thin walls and guests persisting in rearringing the furniture at ungodly hours - so if you're going request a top floor room, only
2 floors 2 worry about certainly not a high-rise and plenty of parking spaces too!

You can request a fridge which is actually mini bar sized but it does the trick and there is air-con in each of the rooms.

Don't use the hotel room phones, cost for 2 phone calls each less than 5 mins 20+ euros!

Now, onto the location, if you like planes then you'll love here, they look as though they're going to land on your balcony and the after thrust to slow down (as the runway is oooooo approx. 200 yards long (joke)) hits the trees at the Irinna, it's quite amusing but I suspect if you've got little-uns, despite the facilities being good for them (little park as well as pool) then they may not like the noise. 1st plane is approx. 7am and last 9:10pm but we're talking very infrequent in between those hours!

Deffo best hotel/apartments in Svoronata and good base for the whole of the island. Tip for ya tho, try booking independently and then sort your own travel as package deal I was offered to same place was 499 booking last minute my deal was 84 for hotel, 160 for flight but couple we met got their deal for 2 weeks at 250 - so shop around. If you do this, get a hire car at airport for the hol or jump a taxi, won't cost ya more than 3 euros to hotel. Check all tyres on hires cars as very very slippery roads whether wet or dry!

My friend and I visited each resort, ok town, on the island so if anyone would like further help/advice other than what everyone else is offered, be glad to help!

Ammes is the best Taverna for atmos and location,fab sunsets from here, the waiters are lovely, (1 in particular, little cutie ;-) ). Behind the taverna (it'll be closed for this season now - as we drank the bar dry on the last night) is a pool bar and Mike who runs it is a scream, can't miss him, Greek-Canadian and great for a laugh!