Olympic Holidays - (Tour Operators on Kefalonia)

Esther S           

The flight was good and on time. The rep on our coach on our way to the apartments was very nervous and sounded like it was her first day on the job.
Never saw our rep the whole time we were there, we just got a questionare under our door and then another note a few days later asking us to fill it in. Olympic said they would inform us about our departure time for our flight 24 hours in advance, but this never happened & we had to phone up their office to find out, but several hours later we got a note under the door giving us different depature times & asking us for the questionaire (again!). Went to hand my questionaire in at the airport but alas not a rep insight!
The reps were a bit usless as we never saw them, but didn't really need them and had a great holiday none the less.