White Rocks Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Natasha K           

I spent one week at the White Rocks Hotel during the start of September. I know the Greek islands quite well, therefore I was expecting something pretty basic, which it was to a certain extent! The foyer of the hotel looked like it hadn't been redecorated since Saturday Night Fever was out in the cinema, but saying that it was extremely clean and taking the size of the hotel in to account, the cleanliness remained like this throughout.
Once again, the rooms were basic, however kept spotless and sheets were changed daily.
The hotel was like a samll village, the walk from the White Rocks beach to the main beach was almost magical, expecially in the evening when everything was lit up.
The hotel dining area was ok, this is only if you managed to get a table outside, which will remain your table until you leave, you have to be nice to the waiters for this on your first night though!
Breakfast was alright, cerial, fruit etc.. We ate dinner at the hotel on the first night and it was truly the worst meal I think I have ever eaten. I felt like I was in a school canteen. The food was all frozen, even the chips! This was dissapointing because the Greeks are famous for their fresh foods. That was the last and only night we ate there. We then just swapped our eveing meals for lunch, which were salads etc.. things you can' go wrong with really! I just couldn't understand people who chose to eat in the resturant every night and would not explore the exquisit resturants on the island, just because they had paid for an awful meal!
Lassie is the local village, which has some nice resturants, the Olive Press is worth going too. Agostoli is only a 10 min drive, so its worth going there to eat most nights. There is a good selection of resturants and bars. It is a beautiful layout and very cosmopolitan. Excellent jewellery shops.
I had a wonderful holiday and wish I could have spent more that a week, as there is so much to see on this island!