Blue Sea Studios - (Accommodation in Katelios)

Chris M           

Well nobody told us as newbies to Greece that they share pools we paid extra from Manos for a pool only to find we had trouble getting a sunbed!all other appartments where using it.
Blue Sea appartment No 17, 2 days to get light bulbs, we only had 1, ketle didn't work, toaster had to have a fork inserted to remove toast, fridge didn't work it just heated the room up. told Spyros but he got very agressive and shouted that it had a certificate and it works OK, he wont replace it because it is not MAY?? Wouldn't even change it for the rep! Finaly aftera lot of glaring at us and a shouting match with him we moved over to the Lighthouse appartments just down the road, they where excellent 10/10.
I would never stay at the Blue Sea ever again, the pool area was subsiding and full of weeds and he was just a horrible little man, fine while you are spending money tries to be intimidating if you have a problem. Stange though after we moved the 'working' fridge was changed for a new one, so if we where as stupid as he said to us, why change it?
On a posative note the island was wonderful as where the people, would definatly go again, oh yes hire car or bike from Venus in the village, the guy was great, good exchange rate as well for money