Anastasis Apartments - (Accommodation in Trapezaki)

Ani S           

Just got back from the most amazing holiday staying in the Anastasis Apartments. The block contains only 6 apartments and is ideally located in the most beautiful surroundings.

The apartments are excellently kitted out and have stunning views. There is no air conditioning though I was expecting for a ceiling fan at the very least but instead they offer free standing fans for hire for 15 Euros a week - a must!

We tried all three of the local tavernas and to be honest the food was of equal standard in all. We found that although the Crystal Palace is the least likely looking of the three (the others being the Olive Tree and Diana's) it turned out to be the best value and had the best view and atmosphere, its also the closest. The owner, a double for Danny DiVito, was extremely welcoming and very friendly and on a day when we just wanted to sit on a balcony and have a few drinks by ourselves we discovered to our delight they would do takeaway... I saw them do a delivery too but neither are advertised. I heartily recommend the grilled sausages, stuffed tomatoes and meat pie. The local beer - Mythos - ain't bad either.

Everything you need is just a short walk away and although there isn't a pool you are welcome to use one just down the road at the Marina Anna. Trapezaki beach is close by and the walk back from it is quite a climb but there's absolutely no rush, the atmosphere is so extremely laid back. The loudest noise you're likely to hear are the bells of the sheep as they pass by every morning and night.

We hired a car for just a couple of days, which is all you really need to be able to get around the whole island if you're happy walking locally. Everywhere was beautiful and pretty much unspoilt but I definitely think we were staying in the very best place.