Erietta Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Simon R           

Potentially a nice place but.....

Don't expect spacious rooms, especially if you have 2 kids. Although there are plenty of cats (and mice), there's nowhere to swing them in the studios. We kept falling over each other trying to negotiate the space between the bunks and the beds. Kitchen catering facilities are minimal - worse than anywhere else I've been (important given the 20 minute+ walk to most restaurants). Hot water is solar heated (excellent) but if there's no sun there's no backup - we had cold water for nearly 3 days.

I'm sure Makis is a nice bloke underneath but he needs to lighten up - we're on holiday after all, and paying. The pool rules are a bit much - no jumping, no diving, sometimes no dripping (man told off for not drying himself on getting out of the pool), no standing near the pool inlet jets. The real concern for us was his (inconsistently applied) action of closing the sun brollies if there was a hint of a breeze, even in the middle of the day. Given it's relatively isolated location it could do with some food provision at lunchtime but this is when he's off for his 3 hour siesta. Aircraft noise is not that big a deal, though the airport road is busy and cement lorries frequently added to our enjoyment.

The golden rule is don't upset Makis - if you do, he'll spoil your holiday. All that said, Kefalonia was great.