Nikos Apartments - (Accommodation in Sami)

Mandy M           

Nikos apartments were fabulous! they were extremely well looked after, set amongst wonderful gardens, and were very quiet. We had a one bedroomed apt.,on the top floor, with a massive terrace/balcony with spectacular views of Sami, but we did meet people who had booked a studio which were on the ground floor and they were unhappy with the view and the fact that you got no balcony, they called their room the dungeon!
The apartments were very clean but they only supply you with hand towels for the shower, and one toilet roll, so take your own!
On the downside, the apartments were a long way away from Sami and the nearest supermarket, this didn't affect us as we had a car for the whole week (fortunately!)but not only did you have at least a 20 minute walk into town but this was along a very busy road with no paths! We strongly recommend carhire, especially if you have children.
The resort of Sami was a busy little port, but bigger than i had expected. It was full of Italians in designer clothes and was extremely busy (we think we went midst the greek holidays and the italian holidays), the restaurants were not typically greek tavernas and we found that the waiters had little, if any time for us, (other people we met noticed this as well),we were in fact treated most rudely on occassions, had money snatched out of our hands and people push in front of us in queues especially in the supermarkets.We put this down to the fact that the port was full of expensive yachts with millionares aboard and obviously they were lavished over by the waiters and we came very low down on their list of priorities, not being millionares!
We have to say that other resorts on the island were preferable to Sami because they were less busy and we were treated much better, having been to many Greek islands we have always found Greek people very friendly and have never been treated so badly. Having said that i must say that Nikos and his wife were very nice and went out of their way to make sure we had a happy hols, which we did have.
Nikos apartments were fabulous as was Nikos and his wife, but pick the apartments up and take them to another resort where they are more British friendly!