Aris Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Suvi L           

Lassi (visited in 2002 Aug) -be aware of the Aris Apts (by Golden Sun). This accommodation is straight from 'holidays from hell', it's dark, damp, dirty and the walls are paper thin. The worst kind of rat hole we have ever seen. A breeze block as a step to the 'bathroom' ; good though if you like wildlife ie bugs came trooping in under 2cm gap under door.
Lassi itself has good restaurants and lovely beaches with crystal clear water. Not much local feeling in the village as it is purpose built. However an 30min hike up the hill to Argostoli is worth while as it has more of a 'Kefalonian' atmosphere. Hire a car to drive around the island - amazing views and beaches all around. Myrtos Bay is like being in the carribbean! Great holiday destination except Aris Apts - stay elsewhere in Lassi & have a great time.