Erietta Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Katie J           

Svoronata is a very quiet place. Errieta is a 3 minute walk from the airport- on our way home we WALKED to the airport with our suitcases! As a teenager i found that i was literally pulling my hair out as there was nowhere to go apart from lassi or agostoli which is a 10minute taxi ride away.if you are planning to bring teenagers here up gfor a laugh DONT! Makis the owner will give u a free ride on his motorbike and is fine if u stay in his good books. however he dislikes anyone having much fun for example jumping into the pool is forbidden, ( even though we all did it when he went away from 11am-4:30pm everyday ;) )the appartments are clean but dont get one appt to share between four of u unless the children are 5ft and under- me and my sister's feet hung over the edge of the bunkbeds as we were too tall for them! even though my parents paid for me as an adult.Also a piece of advice to you all- bring a couple of extra toilet rolls- as a new one is issued evry two days!!