White Rocks Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Mitch H           

Overall a very pleasant hotel to stay at. Stunning location boasts a private beach, stunning sea views (although many views are obscured by big fir trees!), and the relaxing 'corner' bar to see the sun set with a chilled cocktail (5 euros a pop, fairly reasonable).

Breakfast is nicely varied, cereals, fruit and fry up options ensure a two week stay doesnt become too boring for choice. 7/10 Watch out for 'nick nack', a nick name I personally gave one of the staff. She's short, very industrious and tended to get in my way every time I went up for a cheeky second plate of bacon. If you have seen the James bond movie 'Man with the Golden Gun' you will know what im talking about. "Mr SCARAMOUNGA"!!!

Dinner consists of a four course meal which is more than ample. Did notice vegetarian options are quite limited, some nights the only main course option of two being pork or chicken! That will be just the carrot soup and a roll for a veggie then! 8/10

Tips, hassle the white haired guy (main waiter) on your first night for a decent seat. By this I mean a seat outside. It will be yours for the duration of the holiday, you will have a very nice view. If you get stuck inside it can be a little uninspiring.

Give the corner bar a visit, superb views nice cocktails

BIG big tip, do not book a room facing the road. Opt for the slighty pricier 'sea view' rooms. A little extra but well well worth it. My room faced the busy main road, and was bloody noisey! Note 'sea view' rooms as mentioned earlier do not guarantee a sea view, due to the many tress on site, but at least road noise will be a minimum.

If you change travellers cheques at recption, note they will take 1 euro commission for each cheque

In conclusion, i strongly advise you stay at the hotal - but please make sure you dont book a room near the main road, you will regret it, trust me!