Irinna Hotel - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Sinead M           

Irinna Hotel is fab! I am 19 yr old girl who went alone,and luckily made lots of friends and had a great time.
After being home for two weeks,i got on teletext and flew out again,but svoronata was unfortunately full up,so i stayed in Lourdas instead.

Svoronata is nice and quiet and fine if you are ok about making your own entertainment.A lot of people find the Island in general too quiet,and svoronata is probably one of the more traditional quiet greek resorts..You still have a handful of tavernas and bars to choose from though.

The hotel staff are really nice... the barman is slightly arrogant,does a bad sean connery impression and will keep you waiting for your drink,while he tells you how much you want to sleep with him...but everyone has a good laugh at him!

Location wise,I reckon its ideal..your five minutes away from the airport,which you might find annoying with the slight noise,but you will be thankful when your final day isnt wasted on a long coach journey which stops pff at every hotel on the way.
Its only 10 mins away from lassi,and a further five to Argostoli.
Visit Makris Yialos beach, its gorgeous, and the yellow sunbeds to the left are cheaper.Also go to So Simple,if you fancy drinking in a trendy little bar with good music.
Argostoli is great in the evening, go for a meal at La Gondola if you like Italian food, friendly waiters and really comfy big chairs!The greeks normally go out around 12am,so the bars are open till 6 or 7am. Try Cinema and My Way which are in the square.
You will see young children playing football in the square until midnight at least,it is really safe and the greeks just sit around and socialise with friends and family.Its really nice to see.
Also dont forget to explore the Island... Fiskardo at the top of the Island,wont take you too long in the car,then go to Sammi and see where they filmed Cap Correlli. Melissani lake is a must, and Myrtos beach has been voted best beach in the world, it is stunning! Assos is also worth seeing,its a tiny little greek village,with a small bay.
Have a fantastic holiday,if you decide to go to Kefalonia!