Butlers House - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Danni           10/10

I am amazed by the comments on here to be honest, me and my boyfriend (27yrs and 33yrs) visited Butlers in Sept 08 and it was the best restaurant in Lassi by far. The owner, the one who sits at the door and greets you was super friendly, the pizzas, pasta and the steak was delicious and we recived free desert and on our return the second night we were given a complimentary carafe of wine an. This was the theme the following nights though we insisted we paid eventually as we did not want to take advantage.One night we ended up staying til way after closing and never felt rushed as they continued to give us complimentary drinks and we toasted the owners and staff at the end. We did eat at other restaraunts to try others out but we kept returning here as it was just so great on every level. In regards to service, your in greece on holiday, generally your meal is the focal point of your evening and they may take a bit of time to serve but if that is the case for such great food and hospitality then i would be happy to wait as long as it took.