Finikas Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

Emy K           

I can't belive the previous comments! I ate here 9 out of 10 nights (I tried another restaurant and it didn't compare) in Agia Efimia. I understand others may not have liked the Cheeseburgers but who eats burgers in Greece? The Lamb Souvlakia, Stuffed Tomatoes, Tzatziki, Dolmades, Kefalonian Meat Pie, grilled fish and Skordalia were excellent! Not to mention the American boys that were with us enjoyed the Chicken Nuggets. As I mentioned, everynight the service was great the staff was friendly and available. In addition, at the end of every meal we were treated to dishes of fresh Watermelon and Honeydew melon. I could only wish there were restaurants like this here in the states!