Blue Horizon Hotel - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Mike G           

I've read some of the criticisms on here and can only think that last year was a bad year or the people involved had not researched their destination very well.

I've just come back from a two week stay at the Blue Horizon and found it to be a perfectly relaxing experience. The only disturbance to my days were the four or five flights coming in, but they added a little interesting diversion to the business of relaxing by the pool. The bonus of the close proximity of the airport is that it was the shortest transfer I have ever had. Well worth the trade.

We were fortunate to have room 109, which had a great view of the sea. If you can make a request, go for rooms 107, 108, or 109. All are on the top floor looking over the sea and have large balconies.

It's true that there are no fridges, which does make you use the bar facilities for all drinks, and that is probably the only complaint that I would have. Otherwise, the rooms were reasonably sized and I'm tidy enough to not need a cleaner every day, every other would do.

The food was simple, leant toward English food but had some local choice. It was always tasty and none of my group ever had any complaints. Don't ask for soup though (tell 'em Nicky!).

The bar was reasonably priced compared to other places around the area and you could always see that there was a decent measure going in. The beer actually tasted better than any other place we tried. If you become friendly enough with Nikos, you will earn a few freebies on the side. He's partial to Bacardi and Coke, that'll help!

If you're looking for a busier night out, it'll cost you 10 euros to Lassi and 11 euros to Argostoli. Try So Simple in Lassi for a good late night drink.

All in all the Blue Horizon has very friendly staff, Nikos, Nicky and Gerry looked after us magnificently during our stay. The place was clean, not to busy, close to a good beach and has great staff.

Don't go here if you are looking for a manic time, but I would highly reccomend it for a relaxing sunny week or two.