Sissy Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Mark S           

I have just come back from a great 2 weeks in Lassi. I stayed at the The Sissy apartments and here is what i think.
*Situated up a long windy hill that is 15 minutes form town, which is good as the only music bar stops playing music at 2-4 but bad as it is a trek each day. Top tip is to rent a bike for 10 euro a day and use this to get you around and about.
*The owners were not that freindly and tried to con me into paying 6 Euro a day for using the aircon.
*The rooms are very basic, even for Greece.
*The pool is excellent but 49 steps down hill from the apartment.
* fantastic view of the bay
I would not stay there again but would deffently go back to Lassi as it has it all and the island is great.