Blue Horizon Hotel - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Jim B           

I've just been reading the comments about the Blue Horizon and I though I would add my two pennies worth!

I will try to keep my comments impartial, but I have been to this hotel 4 times between 1994 and 2001. I have seen the hotel without a swimming pool and been at 3 different times of the year, October, May and July.

I have only given the Location Quietness and Cleanliness Good for each as it is near an airport and yes the towels and room are only cleaned every other day.

However if I were to give it an overall rating I would go for Excellent.

You must remember this a family run hotel and not part of large hotel group like those you would find in Spain. There is no childrenís club and no evening entertainment shows.

The nearest beach (Ammes) is 5-10 minutes away (depending on how fast you can walk and if you have children with you). It is small but has every thing you need. There are a number of other beaches but you must walk inland towards the village of Svoronata to find the track (near the Puerto Helis) that then takes you to some larger beaches, one of which is at the bottom of a cliff!

The hotel is best for people who want to relax and take everything slowly (like the Greeks). If you want adventure, discos and bars then try the White Rocks hotel or others like it in Lassi or better still go to a different island (like Corfu).

So itís near an airport, a concrete runway about a kilometre away, just looks like a big road. A few times a day a aircraft will go over to land, lasts about 10 seconds of noise, you should try living near Manchester airport or Heathrow!

We have come to know the owners of the hotel rather well over the years and they are Greek, despite the English style lunch menu. Yes one of them can be rather moody, you just have to get to know him and if theyíve never bought you a drink you must be doing something wrong!

I would not recommend the hotel if you have kids that get bored quickly, but if they are like mine and love to swim, then they will spend all day in the pool and you can fall asleep on a sun lounge, that you donít have to pay for and donít have to reserve with a towel at 07:00 in the morning.