Erietta Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Simon P           

the aprtments are big and clean if you get the new block as there are two lots of twelve. the new ones for 2006 are nice as i was in them. just incase you don't know how to use doors, windows or air con makis will gladly demand you look and listen as he shows you! the pool is also clean and a sun trap during the day.

don't pay for a transfer as it cost me 30 for a 3 minute walk! you cannot miss it, it is on the only road out of the airport. one day when it was 46 degrees makis decided after a barny with some other guests that it was too windy to have the parasols up and took them all down?!?! 3 o'clock in the afternoon what a tosser! women beware of his letching and don't think if you are a woman he will not bully you as well!
if anyone but him ran the show it would make a killing!!!! but he is a tight, shrewd, miserable p***k!!! pool bar opens at 9am and shuts at noon, i ask you? then he'll come back at 3-4pm to open it after you have walked to the mini mart to meet the nicest man in the area for a cold drink during the one time you need the bar most 12- 3pm! makis i know you are reading this you donkey, you need to pay a kid to run the bar then you can chat to your mates all day especially michael hasselhoff.  #
as we were leaving he thought he'd remind us that we were cheap like all his guests, so he doesn't really care if he has your business or not. i would advise not!