C.B.R.(Avis) - (Car Rental in Kefalonia)

Liz M

Used this company when they were affiliated with Avis and had good service. They are now independent and the service has deteriorate over time but still I have continued use them. This year had a skid on wet road ( never had a problem before in over 20 years visiting this island) not major and nobody hurt but car skidded sideways into a coppiced olive tree. It took the company two hours to pick us up and when we arrived at the rental office in Skala they attempted to threaten us into paying 500 Euros saying someone had contacted them saying we had been speeding. Rubbish of course being OAPs we are over cautious if anything. Told them this was ridiculous and next day went to police station to report incident and get police report which I gave to them. Heard no more about it needless to say we will never use this company again.