Tara Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Eric Marbrook

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Having just spent our 58th week in Tara Beach you could say it is addictive and we like it.
We have seen many changes here and also in Skala over many years.
The biggest and very impressive change has taken place since Yiannis became 'in charge'.
Each time we go back (twice a year) there have been more useful and attractive changes the latest being easy access to the Olive Press food and drink area being more easily accessed from the beach, also with extra seating and shade. Well done Yiannis.
Yiannis you have made so many improvements since your 'promotion' and yet you retain a personal contact with everyone by knowing their Christian names!
In the current climate of limited spend it is quite amazing what you have achieved.
Also I suspect you have more improvements on the way.
Thank you Tara for very many lovely memories over the years. Keep going!
We have already booked for next year and look forward to meeting all our friends again.
Eric and Margaret Marbrook    (age 40+)