Jerrys Elliniko - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Nigel & joan G          10/10

Firstly, I read some of the comments about this fantastic restaurant and it does make me wonder if some people live in the real world. Of course you will get insects. mice, cats, dogs wondering into the restaurants (not just the above). We had ants in our beds sometimes and lizards wondering into our room. This is Greece - get real people! Anyway, we arrived last Wednesday 23rd September after a horrendous delay in our flight and more delays with our hire car. We threw our cases into our room and arrived at Jerrys! The first thing that strikes you is the fantastic staff, who were genuinely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about not just the menu but the area. I loved them all! This seemed to be one of the only restaurants in the area that had a variety off dips with Pita breads as a starter - again delicious! We decided to share the fish platter thank goodness - because there was lots of it and was heaven! Most of the deserts are hand made by Jerry's wife in the morning, all scrumptious. My favourite dish of the week was Kefalonia Bekri Meze which just melted in your mouth served on a bed of rice, just beautiful. I'm not going to bore you with everything we ate but you will find more information on Trip Advisor. Breakfast was astounding value - Full English, Toast (jam) fresh orange juice and tea on included on the price which was about 5 each. We ate at the restaurant over 5 nights of our stay and could not find a bad thing about it. Yes the fish platter at Captain Jerry's in town was larger and included things like tuna and bigger prawns but it was twice the price. So if you want friendly staff, good food at a reasonable price I would recommend Jerrys Elliniko's to anyone! You will not eat better in such interesting surroundings.