Aquarius - (Restaurants in Skala)

Phil Greenham

we are staying in Skala and had a very unpleasant experience in a sea front Resterant Aquarius last night which has really spoilt our experience of the island. The chicken was over cooked dry and lamb kebab tasteless. So told our lovely wattress and quietly asked for bill. She offered us another but we said no thanks we'd just pay. The male owner, 6ft plus, slammed the check on table and stormed back to back of resterant without a word. We gathered the money and quietly said to waitress on way out he was intimidating and rude, at that minute he appeared again, storming back out of kitchen and pushed me and my partner on to street. Muttering under his breat policy and police! Shocked and intimidated and shaken. No apology just intimidation. And we paid for the privalage. Out on the Main Street 20 minutes later a British middle age man came up and told us 'our behaviour was bad'!? When I pointed out we'd paid in full for a poor meal and been pushed out on to street. He said 'oh you paid?' Clearly the Greek macho male owner doesn't do lesbians.. Beware Sept 2015.