October - (Best Time to Visit)

Steve T

My wife and I paid our first visit to Kefalonia this year, using Easyjet from Gatwick sat 11th to 18th Oct. We stayed in a fantastic apartment in Agia Efimia overlooking the beautiful harbour. The weather was a contsistant 24c each day with blue cloudless skies all but the last day when it was a bit cloudy with haze but still hot. Evenings in Agia, all but one of the harbour side cafes and restaurants were open, one other close in the week. The 2 main supermarkets of the 3 open each day as was the bakers/patisserie and the 2 gist shops. The Post Office opens weekdays 12 to 2 and the meat market was open daily (butchers). It was so nice we swam in the sea almost daily from Agia Efimia, Myrtos beach and Antisamos beach. We were able to walk up to Assos Fotress as it was warm but not too hot. Eating out on the pavement each evening no problem in tea shirt and skirts. The roads were pleasantly empty and very easy to drive our hire car from Cars4you from the airport, all over the island. No traffic, no hassle. Nighttime was about 16c but didn't need the aircon on in our apartment. Now the only slight downside - we did get a few mozzie bites sitting around the harbour eating in the evening but as long as you take a spray and have a cheap plugin available for 4 Euros in the supermarkets for the apartment everything was great. Best part of the week, watching two Loggerhead turtles swimming alongside our cafe at lunchtime on Argostoli harbour. Amazing and we won't hesitate to go again in early Oct. I imagine the other side of the island where a lot of the hotels are based is different in Oct as their season has finished but as a couple not having to entertain children or wanting anything but good local inexpensive food and a quiet week, it was ideal.