Myrtos Beach - (Beaches on Kefalonia)

Asem s S          10/10

Recently returned from Kefalinia one of my favourite destinations.

Having been coming to the island for the last 8 years a truly beautiful unspoilt island, with the only difference being that of ever growing tourism to the island.

If you have not experienced Myrtos Beach then you've missed out. From above it is picture postcard perfect during the summer months, and if you stay until sunset or just before you get to experience the orange effect from the sun rays.  As with many rugged un touched places there is an element of danger but none more so than the other. Yes it is white pebbles with mountain goats on the cliff edges (so on the odd occasion) stones may roll down and yes the water is not meant for the inexperienced swimmers - but this is no different to any other natural place of beauty.  The road leading down has been improved as is not as bad as people make it sound - if you drive like a tourist you will be fine and most locals will pass you by.  The improvements are evident for example two years ago the barriers were not around on major roads, the road leading to the beach itself is better marked out (compared to a non concrete gravel road which some attempted and failed) The key is if it is not concrete don't drive on it!

I think Myrtos is one of the most magical and beautiful places you can visit if you are looking for something different.

I will be back next year!