Argostoli - (Resorts on Kefalonia)

Keith B

We have been to kef 14 times in as many years, however I must say 5 years ago we went to Argostoli for the day, a young man was herding a pack of dogs across the bridge, all of the dogs were friendly and happy all together there was no fear as you could tell they had all been for a swim and came over to us for a stroke and cuddle. I am talking approx 8 dogs all different breeds and mongrels. They all passed us after saying hello but one stayed after attention from everyone a lovely girl mongrel she loved the attention. However I am sorry to say that the young man went over to her and kicked her full in the ribs against the wall and she yelped and then struggled to walk I doubt she survived it. I spoke to a waiter and he said it would have been an Eastern European gipsy who mis treat the animals, my wife had to stop me from confronting him, I shouted my feelings to him however he just laughed, the poor dog hobbled away in agony We love kef but they need to treat the dogs better if they want civilised people to return I will return to kef but we do look out for ALL of the animals when we are there please do the same