Lithero Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Holly B          10/10

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August 2013 - What a lovely genuine fish taverna!  We visited 3 times on our holiday this month and could never really decide what we wanted for a main course, so just named a few things from the menu that we liked and they provided a mixed platter for two - octopus, prawns, whitebait, sardines, swordfish, whatever!   Everything we ate was delcious and the situation was lovely looking down on the little harbour and their own fishing boat below.  The place was busy every time we visited but the waitress was always really helpful and charming, despite rushing around a lot.  Just as an idea on price, we sometimes ordered a starter or we ordered salad and chips to go with the fish platter, plus we always had a big bottle of water and a litre of wine and this came to somewhere between 35 and 43Euros.  Unfortunately food is not cheap in Greece these days, but the meals at Lithero had to be the best we had in Lourdas - go there if you are a fish-lover!