Myrtos Beach - (Beaches on Kefalonia)

Luvly_jubbly A

From above the beach looks very nice, the view is stunning, and the scenery is very paradise-like, once down on the beach it's not AS it seems from above, it's very rough on your bare feet, the pebbles are big, hard and round and your feet will ache either due to the heat or the stones rubbing your feet, the sea is very dangerous unless you're good in the sea water because the sea floor become too deep to touch after just a couple of meters, and the waves are big and rough unless you swim outwards a bit to avoid the brunt of the wave, but then you'd be in a very deep water. Getting in and out is difficult, mainly getting out, since you have to be quite precise at watching a wave hit the shore, then scrambling out as fast as you can (resulting in a painful foot) before the next wave drags you back in. And we went on a hot day (about a week ago), after speaking to locals the next day in another village, he had to say that apart being one of the most beautiful looking beaches, it's very iffy depending on what the current are like, the beach is often closed for swimming too. I saw most people gazing at the sea from the shore line in doubt of whether to get in or not, very few people actually were in the water, some people left, i saw and heard others deciding to relocate. And the bar there is not good, there's not much there, and me and another person were short changed, I bought 2 ice creams, and I checked my change after walking away, it was 4 euros short, i went back and told the man who was blatantly ignoring me so I had to be quite rude myself and interrupted him whilst he was serving other customers, he finally responded saying 'i know wait!!' and still tried to keep me waiting for 5 more minutes, when i saw him give someone else change in he form of coins i realised he was just expecting me to disappear so before he then shut the till i said 'listen to me, give me my money now' and he handed it to me. So if you do go to Myrtos beach, take photos of the view before descending down the steep slopes, park and get out if you must, its beautiful, and be very careful of the rough seas, if you're not a confident swimmer and prefer shallow waters, dont even attempt to enter the sea, if on the other hand youre a life guard or a confident swimmer, you may be ok, oh and bring exact change for the busy bar where you may be short changed.