Lourdas Resort - (Resorts on Kefalonia)

Tregiffian Collins          9/10

We're just back from Lourdas. Wow! What a wonderful place. We stayed up near the main road and it was quite a walk down to the beach, but it felt a real reward to get there, and you earned your homecoming Mythos. The last couple of nights we ate at Liza's Restaurant in the older part of the village. That was the best we found for an authentic home cooked, freshly prepared meal. The lovely Welshman across the road is worth stopping for a drink with too. Spiros, and Lorraine's Magic Hill were also great meals, and of course Magic Hill has great views. Drink wine by the carafe -it's so cheap, and always OK and often good. Beware of places that try to pull you in. There are very few. We fell for one and it wasn't bad, but it was less good than the three mentioned here. Have a great holiday. Hire a car. See as much as you can. Swim as much as you can!