Island Tour by coach - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Carl Pedro          1/10

This review/complaint is to warn readers of booking with Panem Tour, the Lassi branch. This is to warn readers of the Ithaka Cruise. We have just returned from an excellent week in Lassi, Greece. We went on the Ithaka Cruise which we booked through Panem Tours. The company's office we went to is Lassi Office just off main Lassi Road, (on the side road to Hotel Mediterranee. Once we got to the cruise boat (which took 45 minutes to get there), when we boarded the boat, there was already people on the boat who had already chosen all of the seats outside of the boat, upstairs, downstairs and inside. Before we left for the cruise, we made another stop to pick up more people, by this time there was over 115 people on the boat, over 115 people. We were never informed that the cruise boat would make a journey to pick more people up before the trip began, let alone, informing that the boat would be over the maximum capacity. We were forced to sit at the front of the boat on the floor. We had to sit on the floor for over 2 hours; literally, we had our legs crossed sitting on the floor. When we go tired we tried to lean our backs against the metal frame work that dropped the anchor, but that was also quite difficult as sea was quite ruff, the boat rocked a lot (Eventually making my partner throw up in the toilet). After a very long time (approximately 2 and a half hours) we got to the underwater caves (the second stop). The speaker phone the guide tour was speaking from was very unclear, so once we saw the caves we knew where we where, that was the only way we knew where we were. When the tour guide was describing different sites throughout the tour we could not hear at all. The cruise boat only spotted for 5 minutes maximum, we did not have a chance to swim at all. After an additional hour, we made our stop at the only place during the Ithaka Cruise where we were able to swim in the ocean. The place we stop to swim was extremely bad; it was not the best place to stop at all. We stopped near the shore of a beach (I was not sure where we were because the audio description from the tour guide was terrible). The shore we arrived at was littered in an assortment of plastics bags. There was also so a random tyre which was right on the shoe in clear view from the cruise boat. We only had 10 minutes maximum to swim in the ocean. When we did swim, the shore was in such bad condition that my partner got a cut on her toe. Once we got back on the cruise ship we travelled 45 minutes to stop at a place to eat. We were given a 1 hour and a half to eat. Once we got back onto the boat, we made our way back to be picked up by the coach to take us to the hotel. We had to make a stop to let the second group of people off, we were not informed that they would be any other stops. The Ithaka Cruise was 45 euro s each. It was a long and very tiring day and we felt the tour was not value for money at all. I would not recommend this cruise to anyone. When we got back to the Panem Lassi office to complain about what had happened, the person in the office was extremely unhelpful. She had a terrible attitude and did not want to give her name or contact e mail address. She was rude. Overall the Ithaka Cruise was a terrible experience; we would not recommend anybody to go on the cruise. When booking with Panem Tours, make sure you ask how many people will be on board the cruise boat and how many stops the boat will take. Be as specific as possible so you don t have any nasty surprises.