Irini Studios - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Darren T          10/10

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I did stay at the Irini apartments in Lassi, in June 2008. I've just got back and they were wonderful. Newly refurbished and perfectly clean. The view from the balcony meant that I would have put up with just about anything, so the refurb was just a bonus. I've attached photos as words don't do it justice. For the price it is amazing. I was on the first floor, the ground floor one needed a bit more peering around greenery; the top floor must have been incredible. Oh, pretty much a daily, very friendly maid service too.

The location is just above Lassi on a hill - not Everest, not even a hill really, more of a slope - and shouldn't be tricky for anyone without walking difficulties. It justifies an ice cream no more.
A wonderful place that I can't recommend highly enough. I can understand that before the refurb and expansion some people may have been put off internally - some people expect the Ritz as someone else said, even if they haven't paid enough for a bag of Ritz crackers - but even the pickiest interior designers would be satisfied now.