Melissani Lake

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

Andy L           

Great place to visit as part of a day out. The boatmen are fantastic, even if I did get the singing one !

Viv P           

Well worth a visit but if you go in August get there early in the morning.

Ron L           

This is an absolute must. We got the singing boatman and what a character he is. It was amazing, words cannot describe it. It has to be seen to be believed.

Louise C           

It was lovely and cool down there after the heat of the day!! Try to go early morning or late afternoon-when the buses arent there and you might get a longer trip!! The singing boatman is great too!! It was a really amazing sight-the water really looks fluorescent as you wait in queue-the sun shines down through an opening in the roof-it really is beautiful-very short trip however x x

Bridget C           

It was lovley, like a dream

Joanne Y           


Laura S           

Worth a visit although over to quickly! Take something to wrap around you, even on the hottest day it was very cool down there!

Giles M           

It's great, but it's over in five minutes, which is a bit of a shame. Great acoustics!

Rob E           

It was very cool, on a hot day, and as stunning as they say. We got a multi lingual boatman who was very informative. The water is up to 35 metres deep. Quite short but definitely not to be missed.

Graham H           



A natural, uncapitalised tourist adventure. What you see is what you get, mellisani needs no glorifying like other places to see. A beautiful, breath-taking formation. I just wish we had the pleasure of the singing boatman. The trip costs about 4.7euros, and despite being a very short ride is well worth it!

Don L           

Pleasant way to spend 20 minutes providing you don`t get a boatman who appeared to have lost the will to live.

Cathy M           

Wonderful - BreathTaking! - Cool - And So So Blue. We took our camcord and even looking back on the film now it now its so tranquil and blue. Worth the visit.

Sharon W           

Absolutely gorgeous! The depth & clarity of the ice blue waters was breath-taking. The boatman sang to us & was completely bonkers. It was just a shame you could'nt just stop for a minute to take it all in.

Allison F           

Short but sweet.

Janette H           

Spectacular, the water is a fantastic colour, you would not be disappointed, dont forget your camera

Sue C           

WOW - that picture does not do it justice - and the singing - YOU MUST GO

Jo P           

I agree about the singing boatmen, definitely enhanced the whole experience! The lake is really worth seeing, the water is just so clear and the colours are amazing.

Daniela T           

Ich bin hier wohl die erste die auf deutsch schreibt, hoffe es ist so o.k. Aber zum "Mellisani-See" muss man einfach sein Kommentar abgeben. Ein wirklich traumhaftes, ja fast märchenhaftes Erlebnis. Schon allein die griechischen "Gondoliere" sind eine Nummer für sich. Sagen wir so, die Akustik wir sehr ausgenützt. Dieses Erlebnis sollte man sich auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen - lässt sich gut mit einem Besuch der Dragoratihöhle kombinieren.

Christine K           

The only word which justifies this lake is "Breathtaking".

David K           

This is an experience taht will live with you for many years mainly due to the colour of the water! Try to get the singing boatman, he doubles the value of the trip!

Irene C           

A wonderful sight and the colour of the water seems unreal! The boat trip only takes about 10 munutes so worth combining your visit with a visit to Sami or a visit to the Drogarati caves. (It does get very busy around lunchtime with bus tours!)