Chinese Dragon

Restaurants in Lassi

Kirsty M           

The food was fantastic we really enjoyed it, its also a fantastic place to sit and watch the sunset. Well worth a vist

Aris L           

We can not use plate heaters at the balcony of our restaurant because
the breeze turn them off but we provide heaters indoors.Many thanks and hope to see you again.LAZARIADES ARIS.MANAGER.

Paul C           

We visited the restaurant in September 2003. We enjoyed a 2 course meal and were very happy with the price and service. We were a bit surprised that they did not use food 'heaters' at the table to keep the food warm, as in the UK. Overall a good restaurant which provides good food at a good price.

Nicole L           

We absolutly loved the food there it was lovely we would defanatly come again next year love nicole xxx

Sharon M           

The setting here is lovely - apart from the noise from the racetrack over the road. The food is average, although my boyfriend (a vegetarian) thought it was really good. We had egg fried rice, sweet and sour vegetables, veggie noodles, and chicken in black bean sauce. I wish I had tried the crispy beef instead of the chicken.

Fay W           

So I didn't rate your restaurant! maybe this will teach you a bit of
customer service (you never know, you could be serving a
OK you didn't say "Damn" but the way you said it and the tone of
your voice, you might just as well had. If the Gheko is a regular by
the light, give it a name maybe, make light of it, us Brits don't see
lizards everyday so to us they are interesting and we do have a
closer look.
If I return to Lassi I will give your restaurant another go and I will
make sure I am very hungry as I do love Chinese food. We just
fancied a snack on this occasion but were treated as if we had
commited a crime.

Aris L           

Dear Mrs Woodward,
I am the manager of the CHINESE DRAGON RESTAURANT in Lassi-KEFALONIA.
I believe your comments about my restaurant are unfair for the quality of service &food of our restaurant.
Concerning the ''pinky coloured Gheko" i would like to inform you that i never use the word ''damm lizard'' but some customers when they ask me i just say always :.ITS ONLY A LIZARD.
Because i'm getting the orders from the customers most of the people they order the main meal and after that they order some prawn crackers or springrolls.This is the reason i ask the customers if after they order want any starters.
I believe anyone looks at our impression's books from 1994 i keep this restaurant famous for it's clearneess,quality of service&food in very high standards and our prices are the resonable prices of a good restaurant concidering the supplies cost imported from CHINA [BAMBOO SHOOTS,MUSHROOMS,BEAN SPROUTS,SPICES e.t.c] a menu for 2 with 2 starters ,2 main dishes,1 egg fried rice and 2 bottled beers or 1 litter of wine cost 32-35 euros.
Anyway i would to apologize to you and your partner because we haven't been as you expected and hope to give as the chance if you come back to our island to meet each other ,serve you again so you will have the opportunity to understand who we really are.
Have a nice winter.

Yours faithfully,
Aris Lazeriades

Fay W           

The manager was so unfriendly it was unbelievable!! Our drinks
took ages and when we asked about them he said " You'll get
them in a minute!". When we ordered our meal (just some rice
for two and two main dishes as we had a boat BBQ during the
day) He said "so you don't want starters then!" (in a huffy voice)
and on leaving I spotted a beautiful pinky coloured Gheko on the
wall and as I studied it, he said " Its only a damn Lizard!" We
didn't say anything to upset him and were not rude in any way.
This place was AWFUL, don't go there unless you want to have
an extremely expensive pig out (more expensive than your
average Chinese restaurant over here) and be publicly insulted!!
The food was nothing to write home about either!

Abi W           

I did not eat here myself, but my family said it was fantastic!!

Joanne V           

We went here twice during our two week holiday and can not fault it. It is very romantic, you sit on a balcony overlooking the sea and watch the sunset whilst tucking into delicious food. We had chicken wings in teriyaki sauce, prawn crackers, then aromatic duck and pancakes and chicken in black bean sauce with noodles. Everything was perfect.The service was also exceptional they couldn't have done enough for you. Chinese food in restaurants is always more expensive but in this case, definately worth it, for all of the above plus a litre of wine, two pints of lager and a large water it was about 35, which I thought was fine for the quality of service, food and most of all location.

Jane D           

This is the best chineese restaurant on the island (there is only one other, chineese house lassi, don`t go there!) Arris, the owner is one of the nicest waiters I know. It is a bit pricey but remember all the ingredients gave to be imported!!
The food is delisious, especially the starters, try the spring rolls, the chicken in tyriaki sauce and the chicken chow mein and you will not have a bad meal, i promise!!!

Graham P           

we visited on a wet night in mid may. The food was below average, my girlfriend had kuhn po chicken I think and her first comment was that it smelled like catfood. This set the tone for the whole meal. This was by far the priciest meal we had during our week (and we ate well). My advice ; stick to Greek food and you won't go far wrong

J R           

Get out of Lassi and visit this restaurant even if you need a taxi. The views are
breathtaking, the Chinese food is excellent as is the service and price. We
will definately return.

Simon M           

Been several times, always impressed by the service and food. Views to die for. Makes a refreshing change if you're in Kefallonia for a fortnight.

Nicola D           

Delicious. Simply delicious. The view was gorgeous when the sun was setting. The chopsticks were fab. Go there! And I hear Nicolas Cage went there.

John H           

A refreshing restaurant and no rip offs despite being so close to Lassi! We recommend the duck but any of the choices available looked tasty. The house White Wine was so good we ordered 2 bottles - my daughter Tracey was paying! It also has a good view looking out onto the sea!

Chloe T           

We really liked this place. We ate here twice- they even served us at midnight even though they were about to close! Food very good- especially crispy duck, well priced. Service great.

Tanya C           

We were recommended this restaurant, by a couple who had been 3 times. We liked it so much we went twice. Excellent views on the Fanari Road, superb chinese food and excellent service. Childrens play area also.