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Peter C          10/10

Hi my wife and I have been visiting Kefalonia for about ten years now we always stay at the same apartments and for nine of the ten years we have done the beach BBQ with captain Makis they are like family now. Each year for the past five we have said that the next year we would not do the glass bottom boat trip, but when push comes to shove we book up again. This is because it is without doubt a hell of a good day out, just go you'll be glad you did. If you are going in June we will see you there. We are staying with Katerina & Nikos at Lovidis apartments in Lourdas.

Rebecca J


My boyfriend and I are palnning on visiting Kefalonia for a week at the beginning of July this year (2007) We are hoping to stay in Lourdas and are really interested in this excursion. Can we be picked up from Lourdas?
My boyfriend is a bit of an 'India Jones' type and likes adventure, he is not really looking forward to this holiday. Will this trip keep him entertained? What is the itinary for the day?
Any help appreciated. Thanks! x

Colin J           

One of the best excursions I've ever done on a holiday. The comment by the lady below describes it perfectly! It is well worth the money and the day flies by so quick. If it wasn't my last day when I did it, I'd probably try to book up again! Captain Makis and his crew were excellent and every part of the day was enjoyable. The best way to book up is at your welcome meeting with your rep (get in quick as the places go fast!), but even if you don't get in through your holiday rep, there are a couple of places along the main road of Lassi that do the same trip with Captain Makis (the only thing is that by doing this you may end up on the trip with foreign tourists and it will make it harder to achieve the group atmoshphere - but still great nonetheless!!)

If you go to Kefalonia, make sure you do this trip!

Debbie D           

This is the 4th time we have done this trip and once again, it was a fantastic day!  Some people might say that it is expensive but I can assure you it is worth every single penny.

You start the day boarding the boat in Argostoli (we saw some loggerhead turtles feeding on fish in the harbour), then go out toward the fish farms to see if there are any dolphins about.  Unfortunately, the day we went we didn't see any, although on our other trips we did.  All the kids on board make friends immediately and go down to the bottom of the boat to look out for fish in the glass panels.
We sail around for a bit then we go over toward Rabbit Island for snorkelling (kit provided) and then dive for champagne - which my 9 year old son managed to win this year!.  Then we went over to the red sands of Xi Beach where Captain Makis rigs up a volleyball net between the boat and the shore.  Two kayaks are also available.  After playing volleyball for about an hour, where everyone bonded brilliantly, some of us went and helped chopped the salad for the brilliant lunch - 3 pork souvlaki, Greek salad (with or without feta cheese) and bread.  Vegetarians also catered for with BBQ'ed aubergine slices which were yummy and very garlicky.  There were also seconds of more souvlaki, aubergines and Greek sausages followed by water melon and gallons of white wine, orange squash or water.  The lunch and drinks are included in the price however, if you want a drink/snack on board the boat you will have to pay extra.  After lunch it was time to cover ourselves in clay!  We all looked so funny!  You smear the clay on and then leave it to dry, then rub it off and then wash it off in the sea afterwards.  Our skin felt so smooth afterwards.  It is packed with minerals which is good for your skin.  About 4:00 pm we head back onto the boat and head back to Argostoli, with karyoke or entertainment - even Captian Makis joins in!
A fabulous day, great food, great entertainment, lovely people and staff - what more could you want.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to absolutely anyone, it's fantastic and well worth the money (hence this being our 4 time!).

Steven D           

The trip was £90 for two!!!  We were picked up from skala at 7.30am and taken to argostoli.  The boat left port at 9am ish. We cruised over coral where the glass bottom could be used to see the fish etc.  We then went to a remote rocky outcrop where we could snorkel for an hour or so...all eqpt supplied.  Then the capt beached the boat on a wonderful sandy beach where we played beach volleyball, canoed etc. The capt organised the barbecue where we all prepared the salad.  Free wine all day and fantastic food.  After approx 4 hours we boarded the boat again.  On the rturn journey we all joined in the karaoke!!!! Once back at argostoli port the capt circled so that we could watch the dolphins.  Back to skala around 9pm.  What an exceptional day!!!!!!!!  You must book...but save two places for me and my wife when we return to skala on 12th aug 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven D           

The best day out ever.  Cost about £90.  Just go!!!!!   Fantastic.

Ann S           

I've said it before, I'll say it again... This is the best excursion you can get!!  I went on it three times this year, and loved every second. 

Rob P           

We're going to Kef on Sunday and this is on our list of things to do.

From what I recall reading it leaves from Argostolli at about 9am and gets back about 5.30 with drinks and barbecue included.
Anyone know how long you're actually on the boat for?  We'd have our 7 year old (who'd be fine) and 20 month old (who might get bored).

Nina K           

This was a great day out and we throughly enjoyed it. The excursion is what you make it. Captain Maki and his crew were excellent, they made everyone feel welcome and encouraged everyone to get involved in the days activities. We spotted the dolphins, swan out in the sea, snorkelled, had the best bbq eve, there was a generous amounts of food, played volleyball, ate watermelon, loundeg and swam on a seluded beach/ sea, wraped each other in mud/ clay, and had a lovely cruise in the boat. Money well spent!!!

I think you can book the excursion through yopu tour operator when you get there, or there are local tour operaters who also run the trip!!!


I'll be travelling to Greece for the first time next week. The descriptions of the Glass Bottom Boat Tour and BBQ looking amazing, but I can't figure out how to go about booking tickets. Is there a website to which anyone can refer me? Is it best to just show up somewhere and make a same-day booking? From where exactly does the trip leave? Thanks so much for your help. -Julia

Matt S           

Good full day with a short trip to a shallow area for bit of snorkling, then onto a beach for a bar-b-q. Thought it exspencive all in all.

Karen C           

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Once again a fantastic day out with Captain Makis and his fantastic crew! Were thrilled, once again, to see the dolphins on our way out and on our way back to the harbour.  Made some great new friends as well (hello Tierni, Emma and Toni!).  In response to question about vegetarians; all catered for on this beach bar-b-q with some delicious food and plenty of wine! 

This trip was one of the reasons we rebooked our return trip to Kefalonia and it was worth going back for! book early though, this is one of the most popular excursions and gets booked up quickly.
Thank you again, Captain Makis, keep up the good work and see you again one day soon, we hope. 

Karen C           

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We loved the Glass Bottom Boat trip so much last year with Captain Makis and his fantastic crew that it is the reason we are going back to Kefalonia again this year! Can`t wait!! Roll on June!!

Claire D

can you tell me where the boat sails from and roughly how much it costs and is it still running in october cheers

Ann S           

Is there not an icon for a quadruple thumbs up???!!  This is the second year I've been on this trip (twice each year), and it really is something special.  Captain Makis, Nick, Kristo, Melanie and new recruit Tim, are an inspirational team who deserve so much credit.  A day to remember.  On the return journey, everyone aboard knows each other, and the atmosphere is fantastic.  I've been lucky enough to see the dolphins everytime I've been, and there's nothing quite like the sensation of being that close to such amazing wild animals.  Goosebumps and a lump in the throat!  What with being provided with some of the most delicious food you'll eat on the island, plied with wine non stop, on an idyllic beach with great people, I'm suprised that there's still people out there who'll try their hardest to find something to complain about.  For me, and I know for many others, this trip really is the icing on the cake for my holidays to Kefalonia.  Enjoy!


We did this trip last year and had such an amazing day that we couldn't wait to book it again this year.

We were not disappointed.  This is such a great day and we would recommend it to everybody.  The boat leaves Argostoli at 09:00 in the morning and gets back at 17:30, but if you add on the coach journey time each way it is a long day but worth every minute.
Once again we saw the dolphins (they are such good show-offs!) and the beach BBQ on Xi beach make it all worth while.  With water volley ball, enough wine to sink the boat with, a mud bath lots of swimming, what more could you possible ask for?


We booked this excursion through Etam Excursions in Lassi, according to the advert the trip involves a day on a glass bottom boat dolphin watching, a stop at Rabbit Island, a BBQ on Xi beach where you can if you wish cover yourself in mud, snorkell and play volley ball.  Departs Thursday from Argostoli 10am and arrives back 2pm all for 25 Euros per person.  We had a great day, saw the dolphins and turtles, stopped on Rabbit Island for an hour to snorkell, swim, sunbath etc.  Then headed back to Argostoli.  Much to our disappointment we did not receive a BBQ or bath in mud/clay.   It does not say anywhere on any advertisements not just Etam some of the other agents were the same, that this is not included until you reach the boat and realise you have booked a half day trip rather than a full day one which includes the BBQ etc.  I would definately recommend this trip but rather than book through the agents go direct to Argostoli harbour, opposite Mr Grillos of an evening and book with them instead that way you can choose a full or half day.

Ron C           

we went fron Skala beach it was 15 euro each bit dear for just one hour and not much to see out there

PS you can go on better trip for the day for just a bit more

Julie C           

Can anybody tell me what time the boat sets off and arrives back, I assume it leaves from Argostoli, Thanks.

Rachael W           

The glass bottom boat trip is worth the money. Me and my sister loved seeing the dolphins. We would like to thank Captain Makis for such a memorable boat trip. The views were beautiful and the boat is very confortable. Overall one of the most fantastic days of my holiday! Hope to see you again in June/ July on our next visit to Kefalonia!


we went in july last year and loved it. the best bit was the clay body masking and then washing it off in the sea. unfortunately we didnt get to see any dolphins but the kayaking made up for it. Captain maki was so much fun!

Andrew B           

Great day out, my wife was scared of the water, but thanks to Captain Makis she now loves it. What a great way to spend a day.

Paula W           

Just spent two weeks in Kefalonia - fantastic. Highlight of the holiday was the glass bottom boat trip with Captain Makis and his crew. Biggest bonus was seeing the DOLPHINS who put on a spectacular display for us as we shouted and clapped for them. Took the ferry from our hotel in Lixouri today on our journey home via Argostoli and we spotted the dolphins in the water again!!! Almost like they had come to say "bon voyage". Brilliant. 10 out of 10 for the food served at the BBQ and all ages joined in the water volley. Really enjoyed snorkelling under the boat and waving at the kids taking photos of us from inside. Happy memories now we are back in dull, rainy Blighty.

Wendy F           

We went on this trip during our stay on Kefalonia and it was a top day! The glass bottom boat is only small and I did find that we were a bit cramped, but we did see the dolphins which was just amazing seeing them swimming along side the boat. Stopped at XI beach (which was beautiful ) for a spot of beach volley ball and a BBQ - the food was great!! And lots of local wine to wash it all down!! One word of warning - it was a blazing day when we went, but you don't realise it because of the breeze on the boat, so do take plenty of suntan cream and make sure you apply it regularly. We got sunburnt shoulders!!!

Jamie W           

This was the second time we went on this trip - our first being last year. I thought that this years was much better due to the weather being nicer and we had a really great group of people. The crew work so hard and will do anything to make your day enjoyable. The beach that we anchored at was different to last years and, in my opinion, much better even though it was right underneath the end of the runway!!!! Still haven't seen any bloody dolphins though!!!!

Jackie O           

just came back from Kefalonia 20/06/04 left this trip for the last day, was the best day of my holiday, is about £35.00 per person for a whole day and well worth the money! Saw the Dolphins! Then stopped on a beach played volley ball, had a great barbacue (lots of food) mud bath was great and every body joins in young and old. last but not least karaoke, I started it of with daydream believer then everybody joined in. Finished of with a few Queen numbers, Yes I won the Champagne! Can`t forget the crew all worked hard and very knowledgeable.

Robert C           

The best trip out my wife and I have ever had. Saw the dolphins on the way out which was great. Didn't take part in the snorkling as my wife and I can't swim. The fun started when we got to the beach I managed to walk to the beach but had to go back for the wife and after much pesuasion got her into the water and ashore. Captain Makis organised the water volleyball which was great fun this was followed by the BBQ which was excellent with plenty of wine flowing. The mud bath was great and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. My wifes skin is still soft two days later.On the way back more wine and beer was drunk which improved the karaoke.
Altogether a great day out. Anyone who doesn't enjoy this trip must be a right anorak.

Makis F           



What a fantastic way to spend the last day of our holiday !! Great fun - highly recommend the mud bath !! We sadly didn't see any dolphins or win the wine - back next year to try again !!

Vicki H           

Fantastic day - really good group of people. Perfect weather, beach, crew. No dolphins for us, and we didnt win the champagne either (even though Vik was first off the boat !!) so will just have to come back next year to try again !!
If you do one excursion - DO THIS ONE !!
Vik, Sue and Kate
(we went on Weds 9th June - fantastic last day of our holiday !!)

Ian R           

Went on trip on the 30th Sept - it p*ssed down! However, had a really great day (yes, saw the dolphins - great!. All the crew worked really hard and what in theory, ought to have been naff karaoke was actualy a very funny, drunken, happy few hours.
Worth doing.

Kay G           

Excellent trip - I was less enthusiastic about booking than my partner, after hearing about the karaoke, but this turned out to be the best trip we went on (and we went on most!) All the crew friendly and cheerful, especially the Captain.
Because the weather had been stormy the day before we were unable to have the barbecue on the beach, but anyone who wanted to was ferried to the beach in the motor launch to wallow in the mud.

PS - we saw the dolphins too!

Dawn S           

Just Got back from Kefalonia, after reading all the comments on this trip we had to go and check it out ourselves. We saw the dolphins! Visited Rabbit Island, then got to the beach started to play beach volleyball and the sky went a dark shade of grey and down came the rain in bucket loads, we had to eat on board the boat, we tried to have a mud pack but unfortunatly the rain washed it off quicker than we put it on, so decided to have a mud fight instead! Dispite the weather the boat trip was a fantastic way to end our holiday, The captain and all his crew worked very hard, they wanted people to have a good time, there was nothing they could do about the weather it was a case of just making the most of the day , me and my eldest daughter was at the front of the boat on the way back arm in arm kicking our legs up to NEW YORK, NEW YORK, in the poring rain with ten foot waves, I went out holding a full glass of wine and finished up with half a glass of sea water!! What a fantastic day! Thankyou Captain Makis and the crew.

Peter B           

An excellent day out! Nigel - I would suggest you lighten up a bit. We didn't see any dolphins either, saw a baby turtle though, loads to do on the beach and excellent food and wine (couldn't expect better when catering for that many). Four of us went and it made a fantastic end to our holiday. Say hi to Cpn Mackis for me!

Nigel L           

This was the biggest rip-off ever. Poor locations, wine which was undrinkable, young girls being sick all over the place on the way home (which was quite funny as long as you held your nose).

The adventure! involves 30 minutes of snorkling, a beach B-B-Q (food was good)where you remain on the beach for around 4 hours and then the trip back to Argostoli. The Captain did his best by informing you about locations etc. but not really that interesting. All in all we were never further than 2 miles from Argostoli.

I'm sure that if I'd seen some dolphins my view of the trip would be different.


we were a bit dubious about this one at first but it turned out into one of the best days of our holiday. you are all very well looked after, plenty of room, good food and if you're very lucky some dolphins along the way, what more could you want?! oh and say hi to captain birdseye

Steve J           

A fantastic day out!
This has been one of the best holiday excursions I have ever been on!
Very friendly and knowledgeable crew.
Lazy cruise in the sun, snorkel in the sea, beach BBQ, fun and games for all, full body mud pack to top it all off!

Dave F           

Went on the glass bottom boat trip on the last Saturday of my 2 week stay. Decided to book the trip through an agent, so can be picked up on a coach for the short trip to Argostoli to meet up with Captain Makis at the harbour. Could have booked direct (which may have been cheaper), but wanted to enjoy all the entertainment (including drink etc) without the worry of driving. From start to finish Captain Makis kept everyone entertained with useful information and funny comments etc. From leaving the Argostoli, the boat travelled around the coast line arriving at our first stop at a secluded cove on Rabbit island. Here we snorkled, dived for champagne bottles, kindly thrown by our happy captain. The waters were beautifully clear and only around 2 metres deep to view the bottom - Fantastic. Then all back on the boat for more commentary from our Captain before arriving at our final stop on a nearly secluded beach for games and our barbecue. I say nearly secluded, I wonder what the couple thought after they found there perfect beach spot, only to be confronted by 50 or so excited happy people with kids, wading from the boat to take claim to their spot lol. The Captain persuaded all the adults to play volley ball in the sea, from a rope and net errected from the boat to the shore. It did not take mush persuading as on this trip most of the other people were up for loads of fun and games. After a long extensive game of volley ball (which the team I was on won by the way lol). The food was ready to eat on the beach which consisted of meat kebabs & greek salad, unlimited amounts of wine for the adults, juice for the kids. Excellant food. Then the Captain supplied us with a massive bucket of bluey green mud to liberally apply all over our bodies to dry in the sun before washing off in the sea. This mud is meant to soften and condition your skin, which it certainly did, but beware your skin afterwards could give you pins & needles for a while. After what appeared to be over 3 hours on the beach, we finally waded back to the boat for our journey back to Argostoli. During this return trip, the Captain insisted on all of us joining in on the Karokee session, which was great fun for all the people who joined in (especially the Harlow posse) I have to admit to having more than my fair share of the microphone - so apologies now for any damaged ear drums, especially on my solo effort (or was that killing) of the Frank Sinatra classic "New York New York" - Soory Frank - after hearing my version, he must be turning in his grave lol. I would recommend this trip for anyone who is up for a laugh and wants to have a full day of fun with other like minded people. My only complaint (which is directed at myself) is that I was unable to have a photo taken with Captain Makis and my partner with our kids to show to our friends. Hopefully will return next year to remedy this problem.

Sarah P           

HI Fay
Thanks for the advise. we will probably book it through the rep as its only a little bit cheaper and will save us the cost of a days car hire to drive to the harbour and the agro of finding it and parking.

thanks for replying

Sarah xxx

Ann G           

Expensive and long if you go from Aghia Efemia. Two hours in a coach via hotels beyond the airport (the journey should take just 45 minutes) was ridiculous and spoilt what was otherwise a well organised and fun day. On the way back we insisted on being able to meet the coach at the causeway in Argostoli on its way back from Lassi and beyond so we had a drink and a walk rather than being stuck on a coach for another extra hour.

Fay W           

NO.... we found it was 12 euro cheaper (per couple) booking
direct with Captain Makis at the boat itself!!

Kicky L           

Att : Ms Sarah Powell
As far as the Glass Bottom Boat BBQ is concerned, the price is the same whether you book it directly or with your rep. I'd say it's better to book it with your rep because it's always fully booked and it's not easy to find seats available especially if you just go to Argostoli Port as an individual client.

Fay W           

50 euro each, 56 with Rep. Only one boat trip a day with only one
coach load a day. Plenty of room and food for everyone. 9.00am
-5.00pm. you won't want to eat in the evening!!! LOVED IT!!

Fay W

To Sarah Powell
The Glass bottom boat can be booked on the
harbour front in Argostolli (you can't miss it!)
but it will be a bit of a trek in a hire car if you
want to book it yourself. I would book with the
Rep if you are staying in Lourdas, the extra six
euro with the rep will probably cover the
hassle of DIY. The dolphins would all depend
on sea temperature, I didn't see them on the
glass bottom boat trip but did a week later on
the Zante trip in mid July

Sarah P           


HI everyone.

We are going to Lourdas on the 9th sept 2003, and are interested in the glass bottom boat trip. can anyone tell us weather it is better to book it ourselves rather than with the rep. if so where abouts in Argostolli do you have to go to book it. what days does the boat sail, what time is it best to get there to beat the tour buses and how much we can expect to pay? also are the dolphins still likely to be about in Sept?

Louise M           

WAHOO! a pile of tiles

A H           

We are getting on a bit (40+) and went without our kids for the first time in a few years. We asked the rep as we weren't sure about the games and the kareoke. But she assured us it was OK and you didn't have to join in and she was right. Found it a good trip. Didn't join in with the games but listened to the kareoke (no pressure to take part. The "champagne" turned out to be Asti spumante so don't get too excited. Dissapointed we didn't see dolphins but the captian did seem genuinely dissapointed as well. Food was good, beach was good too. Wouldn't rate as highly as some others but I would go again if out that way.

Lisa E           

the glass bottom boat trip was the most entertaining thing in the whole world!!! im sooo glad we did it. captain Makis is such a knowledgeable person and he built the boat him self! he has the bluest eyes i has ever seen! when we boarded the boat there was a lady serving behind the bar and to my utter astonishment expecting her to be greek she said "eeyarr luv d' y want a drink"! she was from yorkshire a lovely lady who also made the trip really special. we also met a marine biologist on board he was the biggest hairyest most unlikley looking marine biologist in the world but my god does he know his stuff! he was based at the university of cork in ireland! but decided to spend the summer with captain makis with all his equiptment monitoring the ionian seas. when we went it was really rough seas we got soaked going there it was great fun! we saw dolphins and captain makis caught a octopus while snorkling i held it for ages and when it left it squirted me with ink!! we all helped making lunch which was a great laugh because the lazy gits which just ligged on the beach had to wait for there wine as we got ours on tap for helping need less to say i was quite merry very quickley! every one on the boat was loveley we all had a wicked time. we also had a champagne dive which was really good except i didn't win! we all covered ourselves with "anti aging mud!" which really did leave your skin all smooth loveley! all in all it was brilliand and would pay double to do it again! if you guys on the boat ever read this i would love a job!!!!!

Olwyn M           

Just got back from Kefalonia(Lassi)Had a great time,and the Glass Bottom Boat trip was excellent.Captain Makis was very entertaining,and the crew were helpful.We did see Dolphins on the way out and the BBQ was amazing,plenty of variety and more than enough for everyone and seconds.The free wine was cold,and plentiful.The Mud Bath was very unexpected but hilarious.One of the good things about this trip was the amount of people on the boat,not over crowded,plenty of space to walk around,enough snorkel kit for everyone and also enough FREE umbrellas for the beach.Helping out with the BBQ was voluntary,as was taking part in the beach games and the kareoke.We would definitely recommend this trip to Kefalonia's visitors,although slightly expensive(because of the Euro?)It is worth the money.Go on spoil your self,YOUR ON HOLIDAY!

Fay W           

First bit of advice if you are staying in Lassiódon't book through
the Rep! Book at the boat in Argostolli harbour. You save
valuable beer/taxi money of 12 euros per couple and you can
walk to Argostolli harbour and get a cab for 5 euros back (and if
you get there earlier than the reps coach you get the best seat!!!).
One of the guys who worked on the boat had visited my local
pub, The Malter Inn on the Medway at Maidstone (Sorry didn't get
your name, you looked Greek but had a Wiltshire accent!!)
The boat trip itself was excellent, the water volley ball a complete
hoot and the food was enough for an army. All in all an excellent
day out (p.s. I ate so much I couldn't eat that evening!!!)

Sally J           

Thanks to the crew Makis, Cristos,Nikos,Nikos, Yvonne and Gary this trip was the best ever, so much so we had to it again the following week! We saw a turtle and we saw dolphins both on the outward journey and back. The whole day is simply fabulous, the BBQ is excellent with lots of extra greek tit bits such as roasted peppers with oil and garlic drenched all over them. Don't miss this trip otherwise you will regret it!

Katherine S           

We had a fun day from start to finish. The captain was a laugh and the food was delicious. All topped off by seeing dolphins. I would really recommend this trip to anyone who wants a day away from the pool and wants to get a great all round suntan!!

Marie K           

i have no idea where dan c*mberland keeps his sense of humour but he obviously does not take it on holidays with him. this was a fun fun fun day out. it is not cheap but great value. makis is one of the nicest, funniest and most tolerant of men. the guide, gary, and his partner yvonne who looked after the bar and the lunch, were great company - we had gary as a transfer rep the day we arrived, again on the onassis dream cruise, the bus trip around the island and we met up again at the airport on departure. the man is tireless in attempting to ensure that people enjoy their holiday.

anyway back to the boat trip - no dolphins - makis was as disappointed as any of us. on xi beach helping with the lunch was optional - i didn't bother but my friend did and from the laughter coming for the assistants none of them regretted their offer of help. beach games were available but i just lay on the beach and drank the copious quantities of lovely wine, enjoyed the delicious lunch and relaxed. wading in to shore with the water chest high is funny enough but wading back out when the tide has come in and the water is chin high and the wine has been flowing is another matter altogether. the karoke on the way home is funny if you want to take part but it is possible to ignore if you are up on the sun deck. tipping is optional but is the norm even in the uk and ireland in service/entertainment industries. what more can i say - a great day out for all the family - but take your sense of humour with you, after all you are on holidays.

Dan C           

Erm, yeah, where do I begin? We paid for a boat trip, (and it isn't exactly cheap to start with!) so why did we have to do most of the work? I mean work? we're on holiday! Carry this, bring that, fetch one of those, did the crew do any work at all? Lunch was a farce, the guests have to cook their own! Lets play beach games, er no I don't think so! Lets get told off by captain 'rip off' makis for not eating cheese, I don't like cheese. Lets all sing on the way home, erm is this a joke? and best of all seeing as the crew worked so 'hard' all day lets tip em, sha right, apart from that it was a good day out! Once in a life time is enough for me though.

Jamie W           

This was a fantastic day out. The boat leaves Argostoli at 9 o'clock and you return at 5.30 The crew work really hard to make sure you have a great day. We dropped anchor at Rabbit Island for a bit of snorkelling and then went to Xi beach for a bar-b-queue lunch. After lunch (and lots of wine which is included in the price) we had a mud bath and sailed back to Argostoli. The only disappointment was that we didn't see any dolphins. One thing that I *hated* was the karaoke on the way back. It put a bit of a downer on the whole day.

Yve B           

We would not visit Kefalonia without doing this trip - done it three times now! Great value - a full day, a decent boat ride and if you see dolphins it is wonderful. The food is great, the wine is good (Capt Makis won't give you a refill unless your cup is empty!) and playing volleyball in the water is silly fun! They looked after my mum by taking her to and from Xi beach in the little boat while the rest of us waded, so her & dad loved the day too (they're in their late 70s...) And Michael, a marine biologist, is full of info about dolphins, the weather, the turtles - do get to chat with him if you can! Not to be missed...

Rebecca N           

We went on the trip that left from scala beach. Not many interesting things to see apart from a sunken boat reck that had been carrying tiles in the 50's. But the captain was very entertaining which made the day :) V

Gary W           

A really good day out leaving Argostoli at 9.00am and returning at 5.30pm. A chance to snorkel/swim, and a great beach BBQ and mud bath. We went from Skala with Etam travel at a cost of 54Euro including the coach to and from Argostoli.

Serena L           

I would like to know where these boat trips leave from. I'm going to CEfalonia next August.

Nicola D           

Like everything else about Kefalonia, this was great! After sailing around for a little bit and spotting the dolphins by the side of the boat we moored on a small, secluded beach and had a beach BBQ!

I remember Captain Makis trying to get my other half drunk on local white wine and fat on cheese pies! A great day out. When we go to Kefalonia again this summer we will definitely do the boat trip.

Jodi K

Thank you so very much for your help...I've been searching for months for that exact information!! Thanks a million again!


Hj B

You can book the trip on the boat itself in the harbour of Argostoli. You have to book one day in advance. Also tour operators on the island can book the trip for you. It cost 54 Euro but it is worth the money. Specially when you get to see dolphins!

Jodi K


My husband and I are taking holiday to Kefalonia on Sunday and I am really interested in this boat I need to make any sort of reservations or any prior contacts before we go? Whate time does the boat dock???

ANY immediate help would be some much appreciated!!


Lorna E

where does the glass bottomed boat trip leave from? we're staying at svoronata in august and it sounds wonderful. just what our children would enjoy. someone please help.

Gill W

Can anyone tell me where this trip goes from and how to book. Thanks!

Carole S           

Our primary goal of going on this excursion was to see the dolphins. We didn't get to see them in the morning but still had a great day chilling on the beach. The captain and crew were great fun and pointed out turtles and flying fish. Great fun wading ashore, but looked a bit D-Day landing with all our bags on our heads ! Snorkels, Kayaks, wet suits, life jackets all included in the price along with the BBQ and wine. The drinks from the bar were cheap, a welcome relief from the rest of the island ! The best part was seeing the dolphins on the journey home. The captain went round and round in circles in the bay hooting his horn, the crew whistling, the passengers all clapping and cheering, encouraging the dolphins to play. Absolutley fantastic !!!!!!!!!

Agnes K           

this was amazing! a pod of dolphins came right up by the side of the boat!!!
hilarious crew and be sure to get the champagne when they throw the bottles
in! great for kids-very clear water and the crew only pick the best days for trips
out. a clear landmark in my life!

Kate H           

This day was great. Although initially we thought it was a little expensive, it was definately worth it. It lasts the whole day and you see some amazing places, so dont forget your camera and plenty of film! The snorkelling is fun and the water is very clear and calm. We saw a dolphin and a Turtle. Lovely red sand secluded beach and delicious salad and barbecued kebabs and plenty of wine!
The captain and crew are a lot of fun, and its definately well worth going on.
Be careful not to get burnt though, coz its quite windy out on the sea and you dont feel yourself burning atall. The glass bottom is interesting though, but not a huge amount to see down there, so you're probably best off up on deck.

Really worth while!!!


we havent been on this yet but we put it all as excellent as we think it will be. we really want to go on this trip and as we are booked 2 go 2 kefalonia, lassi in august 2003 im sure it will be arranged. we came 2 kefalonai in july 202 and october 2002 but didnt get a chance to go on it as we have loads of greek friends out there and spent time with them.

James H           

Easily the most fun trip to have. The Captain & crew are really friendly and they all make sure you have a great time.

Pat G           

didn't do the boat but it sounds like snorkelling gets you better views of the many fish. Lassi, Assos and Anti-Sammos bays were the best for calm water viewiung in October - Xi beach, the one with the red sand and clay for mudpack making is not so clear and no good for snorkelling so glass bottom boat seems irrelevant to this locale. What it was good for was privacy at this time of year and driving form Lixouri takes you through a wierd and wonderful different planet type landscape. I think a glass bottomed boat should do better creeping round the bays that cannot be reached by road between Anti-Sammos and Poros - just a feeling. Is there any other? any one want to buy one and run it as a summer job out there? Pat, October 17 - 25th.

Cheryl K           

A very fun day out! The wine was nice and the fact that it was unlimited was a huge bonus! The food was absolutely delicious (but limited choice) - cheese pies, kebabs, and the best salad I've ever had (which you all make together in a huge bucket). Didn't actually see anything through the boat but the snorkelling deep in the ocean (optional) was brilliant! The karaoke is great. Be prepared to have to walk with your posetions from the boat to the shore chest deep in water. Captain Makis is the funniest, most lovely man - make sure you gat a photo!

Marianne G           

Really enjoyed this day out. The captain is amusing. The food they serve is yummy, greek salad and bbq (you have to help make), and lots of wine. They set up beach volley or you could just lie and soak up the sun. The mud mask was brill as well , i sware my skin has never felt so smooth! Only small complaint would be, that they offer no free drinks when your aboard (there is a bar to pay for ones though), which i felt was a shame as you pay 54 euros, and you'd kind of expect a welcoming drink or just a glass of water. There is not a great deal to see from the glass bottomed bit either. We saw dolphins though, and that was amazing.

Ruth S           

Despite travel sickness on the bus over, this was an excellent day. The activities and the BBQ were great, and there were a few characters amongst the staff, in particular, the Captain.

Marilyn S           

A brilliant day out, didn't see any dolphins but the volleyball in the water, the bbq and wading in the water with our bags on our heads was great fun