Restaurants in Skala

Lee & juliet P           

How many places DON'T offer a free drink? Manolis offers a free CARAFE of wine.

The food is actually OK, but over priced compared to other more authentic places.

This place is too touristy. The staff have an arrogance, and although nothing particular stands out as being actually bad, we shall not bother to visit again.

Timed plate smashing? Huh! Stay in the UK.

Michael C           

Kaliva was fantastic, and we loved the Greek dancing and plate smashing. It got the crowd involved and created such a fun holiday atmosphere. I would definately recommend the place and the food was fantastic too, great moussaka.

Don W           


Sarah B           

The service here is typically greek and welcoming - have tuna souvlaki and baklava!!

Carl W           

We ate at Kaliva about five times and always enjoyed the food, atmosphere and friendly service. I would recommend the specials, which are different each day and always fresh and very, very nice. The prices are comparable to any other Taverna in Skala, but the quality of the food is what makes this one stand out. Try the Lamb with Lemon - it was fantastic.


We visited Kaliva three times during our recent holiday in Skala, and always
found the food very tasty and very reasonably priced. The service could be
described as 'quirky' but was much more greek than any of the other
restaurants we visited! It was nice when ordering, that upon declining the
offer of the 'daily special' I was asked "Why not, whats a matter with ya!!!". The
greek dancing interludes were a nice touch, not too over the top as many
greek nights can be! Anyone who says the waiters are rude just don't get it!!!

Yanick B           

WOW!!!!!We ate at Kaliva Restaurant during all our holiday in Kefalonia. My friends and I just loved it. The greek salads where superb(fresh vegetables and fresh cheese). I also recommend the greek kleftiko (lamb with herbs and garlic cooked in foil) and all the apetizers (tiropita, saranaki, etc...)The service was excellent, the waiters were very polite and the owner Marinos very friendly and will always receive you with a warm welcome. I'm back in Canada, and I still have cravings for a delicious dish from Kaliva restaurant. Can't wait for my next holiday :) :)!!!!!!!

Natasha S           

Kaliva was undoubtedly the best restaurant we have been to in SKALA.it is situated in a sidestreet opposite Greekstones rent-a-car and the police station.It is a charming restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere.The menu offered a large variety of delicious traditional Greek dishes and was definately the cheapest by far. The waiters really knew how to pamper you with their personal attention,excellent service and good humor.
My husband and I ordered Tiropitas for starters which were delicious melt-in-the-mouth pastries oozing with creamy cheese.We then ordered a succulant lamb dish wrapped in a foil parcel called Kleftiko.My husband had Stiffado-a type of stew with baby onions-absolutely superb.The Greek salad was delicious topped with a huge piece of their local feta cheese.We also drank some of the finest wine we had tasted in Kefalonia.
At around 9.30pm we were wonderfully suprised by the very entertaining high kicking Greek dancing by one of the charming waiters KOSTAS.
He performed a solo zembekiko dance in the ring of fire,accompanied by plate smashing.WOW.It all got into full swing when we joined in the dancing to the music of Zorbas.We noticed we had an audience of onlookers who were dying to join in.
Before the night was over we were generously offered a lovely Greek liquor made of roses.mmm.
KALIVA is a definate must for an unforgetable all Greek night.Cant wait to go back again next year.Opa...

David H           

Waited until the last night of our holiday before visiting Kaliva, the experience was unforgetably awfull. The service was dreadful: We waited some minutes to be shown to a table, gave up and found our own only to be moved from it to another by the tall, miserable waiter who served us for the rest of the evening. I ordered a litre of white wine, while we looked at the comprehensive menu. 15 minutes later I prompted him and he fetched it. We ordered a main course of chicken, we both had the same, which took 50 minutes to arrive!!! The sauce was a seafood sauce not the cream in white wine we ordered - we were starving by now so ate it anyway. The plate smashing started at about 9:40 - 3 plates and we saw nothing!!! Ordered a peach boat dessert for my partner, when it came the waiter tipped most of it on the table and over my partner's arm!! He used a spoon to scoop it pack into the dish, wiped my partner's arm with some tissues and walked away leaving the mess in front of her!!! She ate some of it before feeling rather unwell. I asked for the bill, when it arrived I was told it was wrong and that things had been missed off so he would take 30e!! I protested but without effect we left before my anger got the better of me. NEVER AGAIN!! We had visited a number of other tavernas during our stay in Skala and foubd them to be excellent but this one is really very poor - perhaps things have changed from last year.

Ray C           

Must disagree with most comments by others or perhaps we caught them on a bad night.
The staff were the most unfriendly we came across. The food was average fare & was certainly cheaper than most we tried.
We waited until 9.20pm for the famous plate smashing but gave up & went to the Loft for a beer.

Cath D           

This was probably my favourite taverna in Skala. Everything I ate in here was delicious, there was a lovely atmosphere and the waiters were very entertaining with their dry sense of humour. The chicken in lemon was particularly good.

Stephen S           

Kaliva is an amazing resturant! Mario and all his staff are the most friendly in town and the food is GREAT, especially The Lamb Kleftiko. We had a fantastic two weeks in Skala and many of our nights were spent watching Costas and Mario smashing plates and setting the place on fire !! The 'impromptu-set' by "Pete-the Rep" was great fun too. If you're going to Skala, DONT'T MISS KALIVA !!

Don T           

The food and the service were good and it does have the advantage of plate smashing at 9.00 pm each night.

Carol H           

The staff were very friendly,a nice place to go for a very laid back meal! The food was good value and there was something to suit every ones taste.