Fiat Seicento

Hire Cars in Kefalonia

Abbigail H          9/10

For a small car we were very pleasantly surprised - she climbed the mountain roads with ease and turned the hairpin corners in second with the effort you'd expect from a much more powerful car.  I drive a large Honda 2.2 at home so I was surprised how well it went.  No air con on these models but thats what windows are for - take in the Greek air!! 

Dawn H           

Fantastic little car we had a great time in it and went all over the island.  Highly Recommend on.  Go to a place next door to Sunbird's they do a great deal of 3 days for 60E.

Nathan H           

Hired a Hyundai Atos for 2 weeks in July 2004 and nearly spun it on the road between sovenata and Lassi !!  The roads are pretty bad in greece and this bend is notorius aparently ; the road goes up then down but bears left with negitive camber and all the sand doen't help. My Wife was not impressed! 

I found the Atos far to top heavy and flighty
I took it back and swapped it for a tiny fiat which was great, handled like a go kart! - It didn't have a/c but the ragtop roof made for it.
Felt a lot safer too on those windy roads to Mertos, Sami and Fiscardo.

Clare W           

Great little cars. We had one in Zante with a full electric sunroof and loved it so much we came back home and bought one!!   We stayed in Sami and there was only one rental company that had one that had the full electric sunroof - Bombasto Sisters (or something like that).  It cost us 90 euros for 3 days hire. You need a small narrow car for those winding roads.   It was quite a tired car - 72k on the clock and neglected..  Beware - we returned the car and was told we'd put a dent in the door and tried to get some excess out of us (their charge is 250 euros).  We argued it and she gave us an evil stare and let us go!!


Its fine small car with good handling, perfectly suitable to narrow crooked Kefalonian roads. Costs about 25 Euro per day (2004).

David W           

Hired through Voula at Marketos at Sagitarrius. Good value. Everything powered and Air con. Perfect for an island at 80degrees and a hairpin bend every 200 metres, not including the gradients.

Richard G           

Great car for Kefalonia and esp if only two of you. We had the one with the the sliding roof and it was a great way to achieve that extra tannage whilst seeing the island. Gear box was like shoving a stick into a bag of marbles but all in all, ideal for those hairpin bends. Agree with the comment about Argostoli bridge - breathe in! We hired ours from Greekstones in Svoronata - highly recommended.

Kay G           

Hired a Seicento for 3 days (plus one day free!)and found it quite adequate for the roads on the island - speeds above 40mph difficult to attain on these! It was fine for just 2 people - cramped for more than 2 I would imagine.

A H           

Had one for 3 days and was happy to take it back while I still had use of my right leg, couln''t find a comfortable way to drive it. However, as it is difficult to go fast and as there were only two of us it was just about adequate.

Fay W           

A great little car especially if you are small framed. Perfect for
driving up the notorious mountain roads near Assos and
crossing the water break road in Argostolli.
We hired ours from CBR in Lassi (opposite The Olive Press
restaurant). We searched for the best deal and CBR offered the
best. Yes they did have an excess charge (so ignore the Rep!) of
300 euro if you had an accident but only if you are found to be
over the alcohol limit which is fair enough.
We hired our car for 3 days, got the fourth free and a full tank of
petrol. We were told to bring it back with at least a quarter of a
tank of petrol, we gave it back with half a tank, seen the whole
island and hadn't put a drop in!!!


It's a very small car, but there's plenty of space up front for two adults, although the rear seats are only really suitable for small children. Mine was nearly new, and it had electric windows and air-conditioning, although this wasn't as effective as some. The small size and willing engine makes it very easy to drive and it hardly seems to matter that the steering wheel is on the wrong side making a good choice if you're not confident about driving on the right.